Articles and analyses from the INET community on the key economic questions of our time.


How to Ruin a Country in Three Decades

Apr 10, 2019

Italy’s austerity-fueled crisis is a warning to the Eurozone


Samuel Bowles Remembers Martin Luther King

Apr 5, 2018

The economist reflects back on the racial justice leader who showed him the limits of his academic training.


Britney and the Bear: Who Says You Can’t Get Good Help Anymore?

Mar 14, 2018

From the Archives: In the wake of the Bear Stearns bailout in 2008, INET Research Director Tom Ferguson and President Rob Johnson say taxpayers rescuing banks are owed their due: “If the public is going to pay for [bailouts]… it should also get paid back for them.”


Waiting for the Chinese Bear Stearns

Mar 13, 2018

Unregulated, speculative lending markets nearly brought down the global financial system 10 years ago. Now, Western banks are exporting this failed model to the developing world.


Don't Want a Robot to Replace You? Study Tolstoy.

Feb 20, 2018

Economist Morton Schapiro, president of Northwestern University, and his colleague, literary critic and Slavic studies scholar Saul Morson, argue that—contrary to popular belief—studying the humanities is the key to not getting outsourced.


Even in France, Money Rules Politics

Feb 15, 2018

France, like many Western European countries, has strong campaign finance laws and a vibrant multiparty system. Yet even there, money has had a corrosive effect on democracy, as private donations have an outsized impact on electoral outcomes.


How Money Won Trump the White House

Jan 9, 2018

It wasn’t Comey or the Russians. Trump prevailed because his campaign carefully targeted key states with late infusions of big money from private equity, casinos, and other far right contributors, a remarkable wave of donations from small donors, and substantial infusions from the candidate himself.