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INET brings together more than 450 Nobel laureates, scholars, policy minds and business leaders who are helping to shape economic thinking worldwide.

We put a concerted effort into amplifying research and curating in-depth series on important topics that influence the conversation, both inside and outside of academia.

Media Highlights

How High Drug Prices Inflate C.E.O.’s Pay
The New York Times
William Lazonick and Öner Tulum
26 February 2019

The case for “conditional optimism” on climate change
David Roberts
29 January 2019

Unhinged GDP Growth Could Actually Destroy the Economy, Economists Find
The Intercept
Kate Aronoff
5 December 2018

Decade After Crisis, a $600 Trillion Market Remains Murky to Regulators
The New York Times
Emily Flitter
22 July 2018

Swap Loophole Leaves U.S. Taxpayers on Hook for Trades
Bloomberg News
Claire Boston
19 June 2018

Big Banks Are Once Again Taking Risks With Complex Financial Trades, Report Says
Jim Zarroli
19 June 2018

Tax Cut Scoreboard: Workers $6 Billion; Shareholders $171 Billion
Matt Egan
16 February 2018

Don’t Let Pay Increases Coming Out of Tax Reform Fool You
The Washington Post
Rick Wartzman and William Lazonick
6 February 2018

Trump and Davos: Not Exactly Best Friends, but Not Enemies Either
The New York Times
Peter Baker and Peter S. Goodman
25 January 2018

Dark Money, Not Russia, May Be the Best Way to Explain Trump’s Win
Matt Taylor
23 January 2018

Crying Wolff
The Financial Times
Rana Foroohar and Edward Luce
08 January 2018

Inequality Is Biggest Danger for Global Growth, Warn Top Economists
Bloomberg News
David Goodman
24 October 2017

Rob Johnson on INET’s Commission on Global Economic Transformation
BBC Radio 4 - The Today Programme
23 October 2017

Nobel Laureates Joseph Stiglitz and Michael Spence Head Commission to Tackle Problems of Global Economy
The Sunday Times (UK)
Tommy Stubbington
22 October 2017

Donald Trump’s Trickle-Down Delusion on Tax
The Financial Times
Rana Foroohar
1 October 2017

Big Pharma Spends on Share Buybacks, but R&D? Not So Much
The New York Times
Gretchen Morgenson
14 July 2017


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